New Class: Paw Paw Paradise Propagation and Advanced Foraging Adventure with Abby and Doug

Myself and Abby Artemisia will be once again forming a dynamic duo for educating our wonderful community of foragers and land regenerators in late August. The class will be back at Treasure Lake where i do so much to bring biodiversity to this huge carbon sink. Come and learn and join this community of learning, good times, and good food!

Details here

TreeYo Permaculture – Creative Human Interaction with Nature

Another dynamic event at Treasure Lake this coming weekend. Its been a great run this year and what a way to nearly end it; get out and the forest and fields and learn!!!! I love to teach and my passion for ecology comes through on these types of events. Will be dropping my permaculture bits as well.

Treeyo Blog Update

What was, isn’t what always remains.  Evolution is a feedback process that allows for expansion and growth.  Roots continue to grow for me here in Northern Kentucky and this blog shares a bit of that and what is coming.  Enjoy!

Treeyo Project Update:  Evolving through Rooting

Planting Abundance: Herbal Walk and Permaculture Planting With Abby and Doug

Doug Crouch teaching at Treasure Lake, KY

Stoked to be back teaching with my partner in crime Abby Artemisia. I really enjoy our dynamic flow of meeting permaculture with the herbalism/ foraging world. Masculine and feminine. Cultivating and foraging, learning and doing this time. She only comes into town every once in awhile, catch her while you can!

Planting Abundance: Herbal Walk and Permaculture Planting With Abby and Doug

New Article Release from TreeYo EDU: Renewable Electric

TreeYo EDU: This article focuses on examining the depth of electricity in our current lives and how to produce it renewably, as well as conversion and storage. Electricity is everywhere in our lives and one of the main design considerations for a regenerative homestead. Create edge in the cultural landscape through breaking up centralized control over this resource.

March 30_1
Drone image: Lucas Thompson

Insect Decline Blog: A letter back to a Student who asked about this vital topic

I have been penpaling with a past student of mine Carolien from the Netherlands lately. She asked about the insect decline problem and humanities failure to respond. So here is my response cause i thought you might want to read it as well. Philosophical and holistic is the blog.

EDU Earthly Vlog from Treasure Lake, KY: Stream Repair

EDU Earthly Vlog from Treasure Lake, KY: I get the fortunate timing of seeing a big work of stream repair over a two day period, high flow and medium flow to highlight several techniques in restoring natural hydrology. Quite pleased with the work and thankful for all who helped with it. Play with rocks in a creek like you are a kid again and well…. be the beaver! Express the run, riffle, pool pattern.

New Article: Cut and Carry: Animals Chapter

As the debate rages on whether we should be eating meat or not, I publish my latest article within the animals chapter to present another key facet to holistic animal management; Cut and Carry. Its a traditional technique that has been adapted by Permaculturists to ensure healthier animals and pastures. Read about it here and the nuances of it all. meanwhile enjoy the wonderful new header art from my dear friend and fellow permie, Joana Amorim.

Terra Alta Food Forest Update: A Vlog from my old home: Sintra, Portugal

It was a true joy to see it again. Years and years of effort to rehabilitate what once was just an abandoned track of land. The stacking in space and time, the building of resources to enhance succession, the diversity, it is all there on this special slice of land at Terra Alta, Sintra, Portugal. Its former state was simply being completely covered by blackberries with few trees on it. Now its a thriving jungle of food that has produced a lot over the years and now as the trees mature, its more the fruits that are the reward.

New Article Release: Opener for New Chapter on Appropriate Technology

“You can’t go from grid entangled to off the grid over night.” In this new chapter with the TreeYo EDU online book, I get philosophical on what energy consumption and reliance on the grid is all about.  I finish with a call for action, another quote from the article, ” Thus I challenge you to map your energy usage, see where you can complete cycles, and begin to incorporate biology and localism to emerge from reliance to independence energetically.” BTW, new look to website, same great info.

March 30_1
Drone image: Lucas Thompson, Treasure Lake in foreground, the authors home, and in the back industrialism