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TreeYo is dedicated to recognizing the collective genius that transpires during courses through continual course documentation. This allows past students to revisit the events of this unique educational experience by referencing photographs and other records. It is also a forum for future students to see how courses have run including elements like learning objectives and how the seasons affect host site offerings. Documentation of permaculture events contributes to the overall movement through visual and written demonstration of successes, obstacles, and surprises.  Furthermore, it is a tool for reaching out to new audiences via the internet.  If you are one of these people and would like more pictures on a specific topic feel free to contact us at:

Here you find a collection of PDCs and other courses taught by the TreeYo team:


Sadhana Forest 5 week PDC – Tamil Nadu, Auroville, India 2009

Embun Pagi PDC – Selangor, Batu Arang, Malaysia 2009

Pesticide Action Network Workshop in Penang, Malaysia 2009

Urban Burmese Refugee Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2009

High School Talks & Green Circle Farm 4 day Intro to Permaculture Workshop in Singapore City, Singapore 2009


Permaship in Shipka, Bulgaria

  1. PDC in June 2011
  2. Intro to Permaculture, Greywater and Aquaculture May 2010

Escola da Terra and Terra Alta PDC’s in Almocageme, Portugal

  1. July 2009
  2. December 2009
  3. July 2010
  4. July 2011
  5. August 2011
  6. August 2012
  7. August 2013
  8. July 2014
  9. August 2014

Food Forest Workshop, September 2012

Active Earth In Catalunya, Spain

October 2014

North America

Taino Farm Seven Day Intro: Los Brazos, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Maharishi University of Management 4 week PDC’s in Fairfield, Iowa, USA

  1. October 2009
  2. April 2010
  3. October 2010
  4. April 2011

Martha’s Vineyard PDC in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, US 2009

Cincinnati Permaculture Guild and collaboration

Winter Weekend PDC 2010

Urban Weekend PDC in Cincinnati, OH, US 2011

Suburban Weekend Swale and Food Forest Workshop at Parkwalk Permaculture Project in Cincinnati, OH, US 2009

Spring/ Summer 2013

Winter weekend pdc 2014

South America

Estancia Ranquilco, Neuquen, Patagonia, Argentina

  1. 16 Day PDC: November 2011
  2. 8 Week PDC Practicum: Jan & Feb 2012
Our past courses have been very lively and enriching for all of those who are involved.  Participants begin to see with new eyes, connect to their surroundings, form new communities and get lit about Permaculture.  We have fun while learning how to observe and interact with the natural world.  Students feedback has been really great and encourages us to keep pursuing new locations to facilitate this amazing curriculum.
PDC facilitation
Doug leading a talk about Tree Identification for Nitrogen Fixing Trees at a PDC in Malaysia

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