Courses Attended by the TreeYo Team

We feel it is essential to continue to study with the best designers in the world, so we reinvest in TreeYo through attending courses.  This keeps the material in the TreeYo courses fresh, dynamic, and cutting-edge.  Whether it is Darren Doherty explaining Keyline or Sepp Holzer explaining  huglekulture, this complex and detailed information is condensed and synthesized into the content and facilitation of our courses.  Learning and working with these legendary teachers and designers inspires us and builds on the multi-faceted skill-set and knowledge base necessary to be leaders in this ever-evolving field of regenerative design.  Look to the links below for these courses, reviews, and highlights.

Sepp Holzer Seminar at Tamera Ecovillage in Alentago, Portugal

Carbon Farming Series at The Farm in Tennessee, US including:

Permaculture Teacher Training at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, US

Eric Toensmeir relaying ideas of retrofitting an old, neglected apple orchard

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