Positive Climate Action Series: Water, Soils, Trees

Location: Modo Yoga: Northern Kentucky, 2428 High St, Fort Mitchell, KY 41017

Facilitator: Doug Crouch

Date: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM Each Night

  • January 29th, 2020 Water
  • February 12th, Soils
  • February 26th, Trees


  • $40 per class
  • Or $100 for the whole series

Ticket Purchase: Click Here and scroll to each one below


Feeling bewildered by climate change? Information and community are key to further action. Lead a more a holistic life after this series or anyone of the sessions taken alone.

    • Water- learn about waters inherent wishes of cycles and how you can impact this positively.

  • Soil- carbon sequestration is a must and learn to be a soil builder and give back to the earth itself


  • Trees- Biodiversity is key to planetary health. Learn to promote it so that many life forms are given a habitat.

In the background of all of this will be discussions of how to do this beyond just a piece of land but also communally and through your purchasing power. The more we learn about ecology, our own inner landscape can also be sorted through using nature as a wise teacher. The video below displays this action and philosophy well.  

Host Site:

Modo Yoga is an international brand of yoga that has six pillars that have some crossover with permaculture making it an easy fusion.  Also TreeYo and Treasure Lake  and Modo Yoga greater Cincinnati are in a long term collaboration to increase awareness of the benefits of Yoga, wellness, and Permaculture. From Modo Yoga below on their mission and pillars.

Our 6 Pillars are the foundation of our community. They inform our actions and influence our communication.
With our 6 Pillars as our guide, we can change the world. This means taking care of ourselves and the earth, supporting local communities, creating inclusive spaces, staying curious and humble, and seeking out peace at every opportunity.
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