Traditional Broom Making Workshop by Dustin Cecil

Location: Treasure Lake, 2590 Lawrenceburg Ferry Road, Petersburg, KY

Facilitator: Dustin Cecile @misterbroomtown

Date: December 11th, 2021 Saturday 1:00- 4:00 PM

Cost: $60

  • Includes materials to make at least one take home broom 

Ticket Purchase: Click Here


Introduction to Broom Making Workshop

In this workshop students will make a primitive cobweb broom made in the traditional style. This lightweight, narrow broom is great for reaching all the places cobwebs can be found – Great for sweeping the ceiling too. Fully functional- these brooms also can be used for display, and make great gifts! In this workshop we will learn the basic weaving techniques used to make a broom, with natural broom-corn (sorghum tassels). No experience is required for this project. Everyone will go home with at least one completed cobweb broom. The holiday season is the perfect time to take this class or gift it! Dustin will have additional broom-making kits available for for those inspired to continue the craft following the workshop! Feel free to bring any [gluten-free] snacks to share. The community center will provide beverages & light snacks.

Host Site:

Treasure Lake

Treasure lake is local small business focused on recreation and education in nature which been in the Crouch family since 1983.  It’s a wonderfully scenic place hidden in the hills of the Northwestern Corner of Northern Kentucky and Boone County only 22 miles from downtown Cincinnati.  We have been hard at work developing the broad acre forest for bio-diversity and wild food abundance for nearly 20 years through active forest enhancement techniques pioneered by Doug.   Furthermore, the following Permaculture elements and functions that can be experienced are:

  • Animal Husbandry for soil building and landscape management
  • Extensive Native Food Forest complimented with Tree Crops and specific management techniques to enhance this
  • Hot & Cold Composting (Vermiculture) systems for boosting soil life, picking up on waste streams, and cycling nutrients
  • Tree Crop and mushroom production for further food resilience
  • Event and Festival hosting to create a cultural gathering point for many points of culture
  • Community Building through energy cycling and regenerative education
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