Plantwalkers Spring 2018 Gathering

A day immersion into local ecology and its stewardship.

All Day Plantwalks, Hands-on Plant Activities, Children’s Activities, Informative Plant Presentations, as well as Vendors and Tradeshow of the Greater Cincinnati area Plant People!

Location: Treasure Lake and Dark Wood Farm, Petersburg, Kentucky. 2590 Lawrenceburg Ferry Road.

Facilitators: Doug Crouch, Rebecca Wood, Celeste Shumrick, Ben BeltyMichael HoodAbby ArtemesiaAnde ScheweLawrence Greene, 

Jeremy Schewe, Susan VonderHaar, Ellil Rose

Full Presenters Bios and Talk Descriptions Expanded Click Here
Wildlife at Treasure Lake, Kentucky, 2013

Date: Saturday March 31st, 2018 with camping also available the night before with a separate fee

Event Cost:  $25 or $75 for a family of 4!

****includes tours, talks, hands on, and some food ****

Contact Info: For more information contact the following:

Ande at

for tickets:

Ande’s Vision for the Event

I dreamed up the idea of plantwalkers to gather people interested in plants of all sorts of ways to come together in an exciting atmosphere to share, grow, and expand our inspiration and knowledge of our worldly experience. The event is inspired to be a community gathering lifting each other up and growing together as a forest-Force of good

Day Description:

Ande and Lauren of Lola’s Botanical, a local tea company of medicinal herbs

There is a calling for more collaboration and community around creating opportunities that are accessible and affordable all the while very dynamic. This event has come together from that need whilst offering a space for learning, family interaction, and a communal spring gathering occurs. This event is created and produced by some of the Ohio River Valley and beyonds best plant based business’ and organizations.

With a deep sense of gratitude and excitement we are bringing this experience closer to Cincinnati! We invite you to join us, unplug for the day, and immerse yourselves into the wonders nature provides and offers.

At all times several things will be happening, indoor presentations, outdoor walks or hands on, vending, kids activities, and space to just be.

It’s really about cultivating in yourself a deeper awareness of your connection with plants, and enjoy walking away knowing a bit more than you have before, and perhaps be inspired as you walk into the spring season closer to nature and refreshed in your connection with others on their own plant journeys as well… Enjoy a plant and nature experience with a community, and perhaps bring the family and create a memory together…

Host Site:

Treasure Lake with Dark Wood Farm

Treasure lake is local small business focused on recreation in nature, from hiking to birding, boating to fishing that has been in the Crouch family since 1984.  It’s a wonderfully scenic place hidden in the hills of the Northwestern Corner of Northern Kentucky and Boone County only 22 miles from downtown Cincinnati.  We have been hard at work developing the broad acre forest for bio-diversity and wild food abundance.  With our thickets of spicebush and paw paw in the understory and towering hickories and oaks in the overstory, the wildlife love it here and we are sure you will too.  Camping is on one of our flat ridges that perch above the 15 acre pay fishing lake.  Furthermore, it is a community center of sorts as well with entertainment and nature immersion uniquely blending together! The property also now features Dark Wood Farm run by Annie Woods, a local growing local foods.  The farm runs a 50-person CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program from May- November and sell their produce to restaurants in the greater Cincinnati area. Furthermore, the following Permaculture elements and functions that can be experienced are:

  • Non Timber forest product development including a focus on wildlife management
  • Extensive Native Food Forest and specific management techniques to enhance this
  • Hot & Cold Composting (Vermiculture) systems for boosting soil life, picking up on waste streams, and cycling nutrients
  • Market Garden that feeds into local foods and creates employment
  • Natural Building with a focus on social space creation and our stage
  • Event and Festival hosting to create a cultural gathering point for many points of culture

Website: Click Here

Schedule of Events

March 30th: optional camp and campsite fun with music, separate camping fee applies
March 31st:

8:30 am- Arrival registration, greet and meets.

9:00 am- 10:15 am

Plant Walk A: Plant Folklore and a Permaculture Perspective: Rebecca Wood, Ande Schewe, Doug Crouch
Presentation A: Basic Healing, First-time Medicine Making: Celeste Shumrick
10:15 am-10:30 am Tabling and Networking break

10:30 am-12:00 pm

Celeste showing off her love for plants and hands in the earth
Plant Walk B: Wild Edible & Herbal Walkabout: Abby Artemesia and the Wandering School
Presentation B: From nut to flour: an acorn processing primer, Interactive with Michael Hood and Ben Betly
12:00 pm -1:30 pm Lunch Break, networking and tabling

1:30 pm-3:00 pm

Plant walk C: Plantwalk Teachers Walk- Folklore, Science, Medicinal, Research, Personal Experience, etc.- Numerous facilitators
Presentation C: GeoBotany: Power of Knowing Natural Communities: Jeremy Schewe

3:15 pm -4:30 pm

Plant Walk Hands on D:: Planting Forest Medicinals: Doug Crouch and others
Presentation D: Monoculture Roots Drum Circle, Lawrence Greene
4:30 pm -4:45 pm: tabling and networking

4:45 pm – 6:00 pm

Plant Walk E: Plant Spirit Medicine- Deepening our Plant Relations: Rebecca Wood

6:00 pm farewells and option to camp for additional separate fee

Kids Program Schedule:

“Guided Connection to Earth” uses Senses and Artful Creation for a full day of Nature emergence.  Two experienced facilitators will be hosting Kids’ Programming activities to run concurrently with event speakers/break schedule.  At 6 pm the children will present their Plantwalkers encounters with a Performance Art piece.

For the Kiddies (ages 5+, accompanied younger children welcome.  Teens/tweens are appreciated Program Assistants)

Additional Features:

While all the programming is going on plus the breaks you are welcome to peruse the vendors, network, and simply enjoy a walk in the forest on your own if need be.  Anything to recharge your connection to nature, yourself, and community!

  • Lola’s Bota Tea House- Donation based tea servings in Lola’s dome tent with pillows giving a lounge feeling.
  • Soup and/ or Pizza to eat- Our Berea crew will be assisting in the food operations of Pizza making in the cob oven and also a soup will be there to keep you nourished for the day.  The soup will have a wild feel to it based on what is out there in the moment.
  • Patti Walker on the Hammer Dulcimer giving music ambiance, vendor plant crafts, wild foods, herbalist goods, and trade shows


How to get There


Crouch’s Treasure Lake

2590 Lawrenceburg Ferry Road

Petersburg, KY 41080

The lake can be accessed from the I-275 loop that encircles the tri-state area of Cincinnati, OH.  From I-275 take the Petersburg exit.  If you are coming through Indiana it will be the first exit after the bridge or in Kentucky it will be the last exit in KY, two past the airport.  Go West, take a right from either direction, off the exit onto KY 8 which turns into KY 20 1/2 mile down the road.  Follow that for 4 miles in total.  Turn right on Lawrenceburg Ferry Road after you go through a couple of tight S-curves and flatten out to the bottom. Then follow that for about 1 mile past houses and cornfields on the left and drive through the forested section.  You will see a driveway forking to the right after a small bridge and the sign for Treasure Lake.  Go right up the hill and the tavern will be on your left while the private residence will be the small cabin straight ahead. Please stop at the tavern for the event check-in.







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