TreeYo Organization


Through utilizing a network for design, ecosystem regeneration and education, we create and facilitate connections between people, landscapes, educational opportunities, and enterprises for the development of abundance.


Through an interconnected local community, a regenerative ecosystem of people and place will steward the resources that abound.  We aim to educate the next generation of farmers and project managers and create resilient ecosystems so an evolution of culture will naturally flow.  Thus we are enthusiastic in our role as designers and educators to forge this new culture through a systematic approach. With that we enact our mission to create connections through a meaningful approach to development that meets the three fold approach of the Permaculture Ethics.

TreeYo Permaculture Development model
TreeYo Permaculture Development model


The TreeYo Permaculture team embodies the permaculture principle of diversity with its offerings.  We are involved in a range of activities including the following:

Doug Crouch teaching at Xavier University
Doug Crouch teaching at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Doug Crouch leads teams or works individually depending on the context and request. The consultation work emphasizes whole farm planning and development including edible landscaping, soil food web repair, water management, and organic gardening. We like to think of ourselves as part of the overall permaculture guild, each having unique interests and talents that support the others while striving for the same common goal.  The result is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For registration and more information about these courses, please contact the following:


Fermentation hands-on from a 2011 PDC in Portugal

If you would like to learn more about the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course please explore this blog for past and future courses. This site is meant to portray what students can expect during our courses and our approach to consultation and development work. We are open to teaching and traveling anywhere that is eager for Permaculture or simply to network and advance our sustainability curriculum.  Thus please feel free to contact us about our journey, our educational programs, or our consultancy.

Contact us at: or visit us on FACEBOOK

Our History

Gautier, Kaila, Doug

2009 marked the beginning of TreeYo’s journey of forming and spreading Permaculture. It was at the reforestation project Sadhana Forest in Tamil Nadu, India that the group formed. While Kaila and Doug traveled to India together to teach the first ever course at this project, Gautier simply walked in at the right time to join the teaching team. Since then the members of TreeYo have changed and evolved. The team had morphed into a combination of old friends from a chance meeting in Aoetoroa. Doug and Sara Wuerstle collaborated for over a year on work in Europe, the states,  and in Latin America.  During that time Eva Wimmer joined the team as well. She worked remotely and in person on many projects for several years and has begun her founded a unique Natural Building collective. At present, the TreeYo team is led by Doug Crouch (one of the original founders), and works in teams with colleagues globally.  Doug also teams up with the network to collaborate on inspirational educational courses, integrated project design, and systems implementation.

Permaculture Garden harvest from Argentina after months and months of soil improvements and Permaculture Design Application
Permaculture Garden harvest from Argentina after months and months of soil improvements and Permaculture Design Application

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