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TreeYo Permaculture works in teams of ecological educators and designers committed to the regeneration of ecosystem and social systems alike. This confluence of both regenerative enviromental practices and engaging social practices spurs abundance and inclusion. Thus we blend the philosophies and teachings of many ecological movements to be holistic co-creators with the planet.

Our work is guided by the patterns of nature and utilizes a unique approach to creative education and functional design. This ultimately leads to a more permanent culture where humans are nurtured by and enhance their surroundings as well as their relationships with each other.  It is through our pattern eye, our pattern sense that we will emerge into a state of abundance.
Collaborative Design on project implementation

Lead Facilitator, Designer, Project Manager

Doug Crouch

Trained as both a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Doug has extensive knowledge surrounding landscape planning and food production systems. This regenerative design and implementation doug bio picwork spans the globe ranging in contexts and climates including tropical agro-forestry, Mediterranean organic gardening, and temperate suburban edible landscaping. To facilitate this work he founded TreeYo Permaculture thus building off his other formal training in small business management. Incorporating this knowledge and experience into sustainability educational programming has now become Doug’s main focus as he continues his ecological design and holistic development in various ecosystems.

To learn more about Doug and his past projects CLICK HERE. Doug has a diploma in Permaculture Education through the Permaculture Institute and also is a Diploma mentor.

Guest Facilitators and Contributors

TreeYo Permaculture works with a large network of people with concurrent visions for

Example art Project collaboration
Example art Project collaboration

collaboration on varying projects- educational courses and material, project implementation, festival management, and art.  WE work off the natural pattern of the network, or dendritic pattern to manifest much more than anyone person can do alone. We build off each others strengths and have varying roles in terms of leadership and co-ordination.  Hierarchies form naturally but swing accordingly so leadership can direct the energy appropriately. The direction and vision is fluid but remains dedicated to quality educational programming and in the field work for land regeneration and social and economic revolution.

Karsten Hinrichs: Project implementation and facilitation

Anita Tirone: Art and Educational material

Doug and Karsten talking plant propagation. Photo credit Alice Smeets: www.alicesmeets.com
Doug and Karsten talking plant propagation. Photo credit Alice Smeets: http://www.alicesmeets.com

If you would like to join the network let us know please! We are happy to hear from you about collaborative ideas.



3 Comments on “Our Team

  1. hi doug

    maybe you remember me from the time in tamera.
    i made a pdc last year in france with robyn francis. the crowd was quite vivid and had 50 (!) participants.
    three of them are now in haiti. Below i forward you an email just in case you have some time, energy and passion to contribute. I do this because i think you may be able to help with hands on knowledge for these climates.

    Hello to all of you,
    it’s been a very long time since we haven’t given any news, and that because the project in which we got involved totally occupy us.
    With Lucia, we’ve arrived in Haiti beginning of november to participate in a meeting on reforestation and permaculture that turned out to be a failure. Nevertheless it allowed us to discover the border between Haiti and the Dominican republic and its different problems.

    The one that struck us the most is the problem of the children in the street. Since 1 month and 1/2, we have rented a house in Haiti where there are now 10 children living with us.
    This project occupy us at more than 100% and that’s why it’s impossible to take the time and necessary distance for observation, as all good permaculturer. (the dry toilets that we have started is still not finished in these times of cholera, and to say we’re cooking with charcoal, here in Haiti, a shame, I prefer to stop here for you not to be to disgusted).
    I have attached the explanation that I sent to Unicef and other organisations dealing with this subject, that way you will be able to better perceive in what kind of situation we are.

    Why this letter?
    Of course we haven’t forgotten the link that have united us last summer and allowed to take this extraordinary path.
    We would like to develop a pioneer permaculture center in Haiti.
    For that, we would need some help of certain volonteer experts motivated to come and join us to launch permaculture in Ayitimoun yo.

    You are all welcome here for as long as you like to help us in this crazy adventure.
    Without forgetting we are under the Caribbeans and that all specialist in this area (if you see what I mean) will be welcomed arms wide open, the others too of course.

    I remember having received a letter form the valiant white knight, a few months ago wanting to organize a stach of permaculture for Haiti, the place is already found : Anse a pitre, at the border with Pedernales and so hotel available to receive permaculture knights!
    I also remember of this giant circle in the middle of this concrete court of Limoux and of this common energy sent towards the sky.
    Every night, I lie down on the house’s roof under the starry sky and y resource myself with this energy. Time has come to gather the limoux band to impulse these people to restart everything in the best possible way.

    Strong thoughts to all of you and do not hesitate to take a look at our website on facebook : Ayitimoun you o.n.g (I recomend you very good articles of mademoiselle lucia lantero sent more than a month ago and published in several international newspapers, please).

    To come here from Europe, there are cheap flights from Brussels to Punta cana or else Madrid to santo domingo. A bus will then bring you in a few hours in pedernales where we will welcome you properly.

    Thanks to you, we’re waiting for news.

    Do not hesitate to transfer this e-mail to contacts who might be wanting to help us.

    Lots of love to all of you.

    So in very soon…

    Lucia, Nacho et Alexis

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