Cincinnati Permaculture Guild- A collaborative connection from the tri-state (OH< KY< IN)

cincinnati Permaculture digging
Cincinnati Permaculture Design Course Digging a swale at OM Valley Demonstration site

Ranging from small to big, urban to rural, gardens to forests, and everything in between, we seem to have it here in the Cincinnati region. Fortunately for us, food processors give us increased health and food security while our “renewables guy” helps us get off the grid.  Meanwhile, the urban eco-village gives us an inspirational model for urban neighborhood revival.

As a guild, we work on facilitating “the great re-skilling”: from Permaculture Design Courses to Cob Oven workshops to Mycology lessons. Many of us can also be seen hanging around the Wednesday night Farmer’s Market in Northside, buying and selling, sharing ideas and talking of our collaboration efforts.

My role in the guild is to help facilitate our gathering processes which do include the Permaculture Design Courses and guild meetings. I also do web work for the guild and help to energize people to lend a helping hand to each other. We hope to lead the food and culture revolution that needs to happen here in the very conservative, corporate city. I also steward several pieces of land in conjunction with this and can be seen on tother project partner pages.

Cincinnati’s rolling topography and heavy clay soils gives us unique growing conditions from the legacy of extractive culture. The creeks have been damaged, the rivers and streams polluted, and community fabric unwoven. However, we are doing all we can do reverse this trend and build community, heal hydrological cycles, and enhance our soils so we can gain more food security. We have much work to do from a permaculture inspired subdivision to energy descent action plans.

Website link: Cincinnati Permaculture Guild

Cincinnati Permaculture Guild logo

The non-profit that spawned from this group –with Braden Trauth holding the scene down for a long time– is called

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