Mycotopia: A fungal Connection to Treasure Lake

Mycotopia is an organization aiming to build awareness on the topic of Fungi, mushrooms, their culinary benefits, ecological impact and cultural influences.
Every month, Mycotopia offers multiple, free, hands on OpenSource Events to engage groups and individuals with ongoing Mycological projects happening around the Tri State. Included in those projects are gatherings focusing on topics such as mushroom cultivation, propagation, Bioremediation, Agroforestry and Terraforming.
OpenSource events focus on multiple topics and are always hands-on. The goal for the OpenSource is to be inclusive, offer learning opportunities while having a greater impact on large-scale restorative efforts. Click here to find out when and where Mycotopia OpenSource events are.
For more in-depth workshops or Seminars, visit the Mycotopia home page or contact Romain at
Doug Crouch and Romain Picasso, the facilitators

Upcoming Events:


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