TreeYo Permaculture is a holistic enterprise that educates, installs, and lives abundantly through its homestead. Our field work builds soil, infiltrates water, adds biodiversity, and creates a diversity of yields. Our forest gardens are rooted in an agroecological approach, from native pollinator plants to nutritious fruits and vegetables. We sculpt the earth as artisan producers or regenerative landscapers. We help you grow gardens and feel more empowered with an increase in production and knowledge. Furthermore, we educate along the way to serve our customers and strengthen the local foods movement.  Rooted in the Ohio River Valley of the Cincinnati, OH tristate region, we achieve these aims through a diverse approach seen below.

Permaculture and Homestead Offerings:

For registration or more information about our courses, questions about permaculture, or our consultation and design services, please contact Doug through the following form:

Below are some pictures from our install work, the homestead and nursery at Treasure Lake, and the courses.

Permaculture Homestead and Educational Center:

Our homestead/ headquarters is located in Northern Kentucky in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio region.  It’s on 60 acres of land and features integrated systems of animals, orchards, managed forest, compost, nursery, and community. It’s an educational center that has both a classroom to learn in and a plethora of field opportunities to experience. It’s a place for learning for ourselves as well, trialing different cultivars of trees, trying new strategies and techniques for implementation. From here we radiate out into the Ohio River Valley and repair ecosystems with our organic plants, microbe rich compost, and well-trained crew. We enjoy talking to customers, leading tours of our homestead, and sharing knowledge to make your garden grow better.


2024 Courses, Projects, and Events:

Educating others about just how spectacular natural systems are is such a joy. Biodiversity is a complex web, a pattern of abundance, and we hope to unlock the simple and effective steps needed to rebuild ecosystems through our educational activities. We want others to cultivate, to homestead, to design and be professionals along with us.

Supporting Your Homestead Development

Want to grow food but don’t know where to start? Have started but need more technical assistance on increasing yields? Thinking of expanding existing operations and need skilled laborers to help?

Whether it’s putting up fence, design layout, installing a food forest, or one on one training, we can help you get where you want to go.  With nearly two decades of Permaculture experience from our founder, Doug Crouch, we can support your mission with our work.

TreeYo Permaculture Definition

Permaculture is the harmonious integration of all life kingdoms into agriculturally productive ecosystems and socially just environments producing sound economic outcomes through systems management. It is a regenerative design intention reflecting patterns in nature that seeks to build interconnections allowing for energy efficiency and abundance of yield.

Principles art as a part of the TreeYo EDU project


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  1. This is rapidly becoming my favorite Permaculture site. I appreciate your approach, the way you describe/explain. I would like to learn from you and collaborate some day. I have just begun my new life – with new eyes…..(SEEing solutions everywhere…..) an open heart, and HOPE. Thank YOU Permaculture 🙂

    Thank you Doug/ TreeYo for providing such wonderful and rich information. Your site covers so much. I aspire to be like ya’ll.

    Peace and Permaculture ~ Torrie

    • Thanks so much for the great feedback Torrie, I am glad you see it as beneficial. Enjoy as they are released. Ciao

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