2020 Food Forestry Recap Through Designs

Not all of 2020 was so bad, like having the space an time to plant trees and do the design documentation to illustrate it.  These visuals will help to digest this progress.


New Page: 13 Permaculture Health Tips for Better Immunity

Health is a form of wealth. Here is 13 Health Tips for Better Immunity that I wrote 18 months ago but only now able to press publish. Its a very long road of health, its hard in fact. Do what you can eh. A lot has to do with supporting your micro biome.

13 Permaculture Health Tips for Better Immunity


Food Forest Management Vlog: The Asian Pear Terrace – Permaculture Design Course Handbook


Instructional video on food forest management. Chop and drop, annual seeding, and spreading microbe love. From the banks project at treasure lake.

New Class: Mycology Mushroom Inoculation April 18th

The next day course April 18th will be a fun one and continue our mushroom mission and collaboration with maestro Romain Picasso.  Learn the basics of mycology and mushroom inoculation both theoretically and out in the field.  Learn from our trials and errors and successes at Treasure Lake in Northern Kentucky and the abundance in your lands is sure to follow. https://treeyopermaculture.com/permaculture-design-courses-pdc/mycology-mushroom-inoculation-class/ 


New TreeYo EDU Article: Water Heating: Appropriate Technology Chapter

New TreeYo EDU Article: Beyond food supply, one of the ways in which humans have increased their life expectancy, in my opinion, is to have hot water on demand.  We all consume it, but have we ever thought just how much energy this consumes and how that energy is produced?  At nearly 20% of household consumption on average in the USA, well thats a lot and there are alternatives for sure! This article details appropriate technology features for just that.

Water Heating

New TreeYo EDU Article: Timber and Forestry

Timber and Forestry: Its actually the reason I got into Permaculture, not agriculture.  So this article is a special one for me full of different viewpoints, designs, and videos.  Check it out as this is a vital topic in how ecosystems are managed worldwide.  https://treeyopermacultureedu.com/chapter-6-trees/timber-and-forestry/

2020 Permaculture Design Courses: First Quarter

2020 will be a dynamic and busy year ahead, one I am very much looking forward to with lots of teaching at various places and site development at Treasure Lake. Heres my first quarter schedule of events and classes.  And heres our mission. To teach environmental literacy so positive climate change action along with community building is strengthened into a full force wave of transition. https://treeyopermaculture.com/permaculture-design-courses-pdc/

2019 tree planting recap blog

2019 has been a dynamic year for me fully back to Treasure Lake and really starting to make bigger moves there and in the area. My blog details this, entitled tree planting recap 2019. Check it out! lots of video, text, and designs to help explain. and yes 2020 there will be more climate positive action! https://treeyopermacultureedu.com/2019/12/26/tree-planting-recap-2019/

New Online Course: The Paw Paw Master Class

After nearly 20 years of growing paw paws and months of production, we bring you the paw paw masterclass online. Very thorough, sale now, USA customer get some free seeds as well! Give the gift of education this holiday season!!! https://treeyopermacultureedu.com/create-your-own-pawpaw-paradise/

Join the PawPaw Master Class

Join the PawPaw Master Class

Fall Fecundity: TreeYo Project Update

Here is my seasonal blog, detailing the last three months and what is to come.  From harvests to murmuration to our current tree planting mission, be sure to check out this one out please.  https://treeyopermacultureedu.com/2019/11/12/fall-fecundity-treeyo-project-update/