• 9 C’s of a Homestead

    9 C’s of a Homestead

    As I deepen my practice of homesteading, I wanted to share some philosophical and practical tenants of homesteading. My homesteading practice is one that is forged in discipline and an openness of awe and splendor towards nature. Despite decades of ecological restoration work and permaculture, the homesteading in these modern times has been quite stirring…

  • Our Food Forest Startup

    Our Food Forest Startup

    Mission: The creation of an integrated Permaculture growing space that facilitates a multitude of yields over time leveraging our splendid sandy loam soil and past developments. Honestly, I don’t know what to call it because it’s so many things; A Permaculture Garden, Food Forest, Orchard Garden, Alley cropping orchard, Agroforestry lines, Forest Garden extraordinaire. The…

  • 2023 Beginnings: Permaculture January Farm Happenings

    2023 Beginnings: Permaculture January Farm Happenings

    Here at the Farm at Treasure Lake, the TreeYo Permaculture headquarters stationed in Northern Kentucky, lots is going on despite it being winter. First, what is not going on this year is maple syrup tapping, which usually happens right around this time. I still have tons from last year, and my tennis elbow has me…

  • Native Plant Sale Sunday September 25th

    We open our nursery doors to bring you native edibles, pollinator plants, and beautiful specimens. Native Plant Sale at Treasure Lake | Facebook

  • Maple season has begun!

    Maple season has begun!

    It’s that time again here on the southern range of the sugar maple trees. 🍁 🍁 🍁 We start early for sure because the rollercoaster of temperatures is quite extreme here in the Ohio River valley. I thought about waiting because of an intense cold snap ahead and you also never know when summer will…

  • Edible Landscaping Portfolio

    Edible Landscaping Portfolio

    As stated in the last blog post, we started an edible landscaping company in 2021.  We have amassed the pictures into a portfolio page with descriptions. It’s been great to work in so many different parts of the tri-state and beyond but still in the Ohio River Valley. Portfolio Page Click Here Fruit trees are…

  • In 2021 We launched an Edible Landscaping Company

    At the beginning of the year, I didn’t even know who “we” was and that a proper company with numerous employees was really going to be formed.  I knew I had a busy fall 2020/winter 2021 designing and several landscaping jobs ready to go, mainly through the startup called Thrivelot.  I knew we had one…

  • 2020 Food Forestry Recap Through Designs

    Not all of 2020 was so bad, like having the space an time to plant trees and do the design documentation to illustrate it.  These visuals will help to digest this progress.

  • New Page: 13 Permaculture Health Tips for Better Immunity

    Health is a form of wealth. Here is 13 Health Tips for Better Immunity that I wrote 18 months ago but only now able to press publish. Its a very long road of health, its hard in fact. Do what you can eh. A lot has to do with supporting your micro biome.  

  • Food Forest Management Vlog: The Asian Pear Terrace – Permaculture Design Course Handbook Instructional video on food forest management. Chop and drop, annual seeding, and spreading microbe love. From the banks project at treasure lake.