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Permaculture Developments at Taino Farm

Lifted From: With its unique feel of diversity in so many respect, Taino Farm is poised to be a great spot for our upcoming Permaculture course and its overall mission of sustainable food production.  I, Doug Crouch of TreeYo Permaculture, will be facilitating the first… Continue Reading “Permaculture Developments at Taino Farm”

Taino Farm Photoblog: Los Brazos, Dominican Republic

These Pics are from our farm visit on the last day of November 2012.  Was a mix of sun and shade coming off a night of heavy rain.  Exploring the farm and its biodiversity and with the farm manager Viktor was quite the pleasure.… Continue Reading “Taino Farm Photoblog: Los Brazos, Dominican Republic”

Aphros Winery, Braga, Portugal, the far North.

Vasco Croft’s Winery in the far North not so far from from the ancient forest of Geres.  A working winery now that seeks to have some Permaculture inserted.  Soil biology work, food forests, natural building, and the like.  It’s a long-term project.

Castello di Cucanga and Stremitz, Italy

This Gallery comes from a castle and village restoration project from a students family in the north of Italy near the Slovenian border.  After 30 years of work, half the village has been restored as well as other cultural artifacts.  Plus the castle is… Continue Reading “Castello di Cucanga and Stremitz, Italy”

Terra Mae, picture update

here are some fall pics after the rain has started of terra mae, Almocageme, Sintra, Portugal.  Great food forest that the plums are thriving on, the nectarines pumped out fruits on and the tamarillo’s were oh so delicious!!!!!! great earthworks and soil biology restoration… Continue Reading “Terra Mae, picture update”

New Host site Picture Blog: Taino Farm, Caberete, Dominican Republic in association with Extreme Hotel

Taino Farms in conjunction with Extreme Hotel will be hosting us in the coming months on several occasions, here is some pics and the course posting will soon follow.  Exciting opportunity to help bring the farm-to-table mission closer to fruition and have the pleasure… Continue Reading “New Host site Picture Blog: Taino Farm, Caberete, Dominican Republic in association with Extreme Hotel”

Mushrooms from Steiermark

Diversity (Guilds)

Diversity (Guilds). via Diversity (Guilds).

A New Format

At TreeYo permaculture, we are alwasy trying to revamp our website to reflect the patterns in nature and increase reader usability.  We hope this new format proves to be more useful by allowing us to use the blog format while also having a static… Continue Reading “A New Format”

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