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New TreeYo EDU Release: Chapter 14: Conscious Consumption with Eco-Entrepreneurship

My media outlet, TreeYo EDU, is releasing an apropos article for this time of the year. What will your consumption patterns do to the planet and people at this time of the year? How can you also become a producer. In essence what is…

Treeyo Permaculture Holsitic Development Model: An angled Intro talk

December 20th at Fab Ferments Tap Room, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA This presentation will focus on looking at the world holistically and a path forward to ensure thrivable future conditions. It draws on the presenters extensive experience in ecological systems management and permaculture design….


Permaculture Swales, not a silver bullet for water solutions but a very nice technique when the context is right. i like them in the zone 2 context best, not huge ones but just the right size in the right place to have the least…

Love Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA: Bringing love into the Business World: Oct 2017

Imagine bringing love into business in a way that heightens the workplace atmosphere and creates definable results from the people care aspect that is necessary in businesses.  Business is what shapes this world, supply and demands shapes our environment, and culture is now conceived…


Written By Doug Crouch, Temporary Resident of Portugal, Translated by Cristina Moreira Enquanto a atribuição de culpas por este incêndio tão trágico vai rodopiando intensamente, desejo antes de mais expressar as minhas condolências àqueles que tanto perderam. Vidas, animais, bens, tradições, memórias e muito mais….

Silt Traps: New TreeYo EDU Article

Looking for solutions around water quality? Silt traps might help. This new TreeYo EDU article is in the earthworks chapter explains a simple yet effective technique for increasing water quality by trapping sands and silts before they enter other earthworks or man made structures…

PDC blog from Sekier, Slovakia 2017

I made it back from Europe and another life changing course taught there. This blog details the journey, amazing how much these constellations of people can move you.  

Hurricanes and Ecology- A Path to a new Paradigm?

Hurricanes and such storms are forms of disturbance in ecological terms.  Disturbance sets succession back and creates new forms of habitat.  They change coastlines, they knock down forests, the trees turn to soil when natural systems are at play.  New coastlines become inhabited by…

New Events Courses for Fall 2017 at Treasure Lake, Kentucky, USA

   Upcoming Events for 2017: September 30th- Treasure Fest– one day celebrating the fall season with bluegrass, pickin music, and reggae along with local foods and an ecology walk. I will be giving my ecology walk as one of the things going on at this…

Weekend Food Forest Course: October 21-23rd, Treasure Lake, Petersburg, Kentucky, USA

Lots of exciting educational opportunities coming up this fall and here is another, a weekend food forest course. Really great compliment to your PDC but also if you have never taken a pdc and want more insight into permaculture and this dynamic growing style….