The TreeYo Permaculture team embodies the permaculture principle of diversity with its offerings of varying services.  It is a dendritic pattern of sorts, imagine a shrub with three main trunks, or the fusion of soil, water, and trees.  These main tenants can be seen below in the graphic and explained further through the headers and links. They are summarized as the following: Holistic Education, Consulting and Design, and implementation and project management.

Holistic Education

Ecological Consultancy and Permaculture Design

  • Ecological Consultancy for individuals, communities, or businesses (click here)
  • Consultancy can lead to a Pattern Level Permaculture Design with project details

Field Implementation and Ecological Project Management

  • Implementation of design elements, on-site applications and trainings (click here)
  • Project management that leads the design into the field through a balance of labour, budget, time, resources, and material flows
  • leading volunteer programs, training farm staff through implementation



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