Permaculture Design/ Consulting Service

To consult, design, and implement holistic landscapes that focus on food production, resilient landscapes, and abundant yields is our mission.  We address issues such as water runoff, low biodiversity, or poor soil fertility. We turn these problems into solutions on farms, suburban landscapes, and urban gardens. We focus our Permaculture consultant and design services in the midwest of the USA these days, mainly Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Southeast Indiana.  

Ask yourself this please:

  • Do you want a beautiful landscape around you that produces rather than just consuming resources?
  • Do you want to be part of the response to climate disturbance?
  • Do you need an expert eye to read your landscape and give advice on how to proceed?

If yes, then consider investing in our services to help get you where you want to be!!


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Permaculture consultant and design: Why?

 Through investing in this holistic service, there are cascading effects throughout environmental, social, and economic factors. If you are buying a new piece of land and starting a project, farm, or edible landscape you will save money through this initial investment in the long term.  A holistic landscape development plan developed by TreeYo Permaculture allows for a greater energy efficiency, less overheads, and increased productivity. This has a ripple effect within your own project, your local community, and the whole world. Examine the TreeYo graphics below for a reflection of the whole picture.



As Henri Fayol, founder of the modern day MBA, says, “Without a plan, there is no commitment, hence no accountability“.  Investment in this service ensures that money is not squandered in the development as well as earths precious resources through this roadmap creating service.  It allows land to regenerate quickly and return on investment to come sooner. It gives a plan on how to develop the land, secures the momentum of the project from having a sound vision, and gives a progressive plan for engagement through a logical step by step approach.

Permaculture consultant and design: What?

Clients have the choice of services to meet their needs and are defined below in the following:

  • Permaculture Consulting– In this service, in-field ideas are offered to the client in combination with land interaction. Some clients may only seek this service and no design work. For those who do desire a site design, accrual of information will be deepened so the design team can have the data required to do the complete design process. If only land consulting ideas will be generated and feedback given towards the lands resources, critiques of what has been done so far, and how to proceed further.
  • Permaculture Design- This service is an offering of a time and space interpretation for a holistic development plan through drawings and written documents. It combines the clients needs with the lands natural resource gathered in the consulting phase.  We build off o the ecology that is there already yet never forgetting other social and economic factors. It’s a plan composed of drawings and texts that systematically organizes the development for energy efficiency and abundance of yield. It guides implementation and continued management of systems that encourages biodiversity, soil and animal health, a complete hydrological cycle, and other factors.We call it the TreeYo Permaculture Holistic Development Model and can be seen below.
  • Edible landscaping Implementation Possible– Some clients then desire help to create a more detailed project management plan and begin phases of implementation with designed in elements actually manifesting.  See our page on that through clicking here and contacting us to see about availability.

Permaculture consultant and design: How?

At TreeYo Permaculture, we use a set of tools that are cross-disciplinary to build the most accurate picture of project development. Thus we reference the following frameworks to compose our own unique service:

  • Permaculture DesignWhite Sapote new growth
  • Ecology
  • Project Management
  • Holistic Management
  • Small Business Management

By blending these proven techniques, the client is afforded multiple perspectives and tailors exactly to their needs as well as the land itself.  It builds off our formal trainings as well of years of cutting edge experience so that the clients investment is fully realized.


A plan with drawings is backed up by written documents delivered in a pdf built in a powerpoint document (it reads like a small book this way).  It contains links to the TreeYo EDU resource as well so further reading can be done.  By having multiple resources developed already the consultation/design report is quickly generated.  It allows the client to take their detailed research much further with very little extra cost.

Permaculture consultant and design: Who?

One of the key factors to a healthy exchange is that the parties involved build a relationship through transparent agreements and honest communication. Thus look at the graphic below for exchange:



Lead Designers Bio: Doug Crouch

Trained as both a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Doug has extensive knowledge surrounding landscape planning and food production systems. This regenerative design and implementation work spans the globe ranging in contexts and climates including tropical agro-forestry, Mediterranean organic gardening, and temperate suburban edible landscaping. To facilitate this work he founded TreeYo Permaculture thus building off his other formal training in small business management. Incorporating this knowledge and experience into sustainability educational programming has now become Doug’s main focus as he continues his ecological design and holistic development at Treasure Lake.

For more on the lead designer please visit the following page: Doug Crouch’s Project Examples 

He stewards and lives on third generation family land in Petersburg, Kentucky where he also has his personal nursery and conjunctive Growing Value Nursery.

For more information about the process including our consulting PDF that further explains the process, please use the contact form below:


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