Our Goal is simple; environmental literacy forging positive environmental interaction along with community development.

Permaculture Courses 2023

We continue our relationship with Cincinnati Permaculture Institute who facilitates much of the permaculture education here in the Cincinnati tri-state with their non-profit.  Doug Crouch then plays a vital role in facilitating these courses as well as hosting other courses/ events at the Treasure Lake host site.  We work very hard to create a living labrotory at Treasure Lake so students can see permaculture in action. 

What does a redefined culture look like, one with an ethical approach to development and economy, one rich with food and arts, remembering to celebrate and share our surplus? A world, where water harvesting features are seamlessly integrated, where trees of fruits surround us, and where people love nature as the fear has subsided? Where Permaculture courses are the norm and not the fringe. Through the gaining of environmental literacy and practical skills at courses, the toolkit for the reformation of culture is formulated.


Holistic Education

    • Educational material and media- blog, youtube, graphics
  • Presentations of lectures at events and conferences

For more information about Permaculture courses, please contact the following:

Past Permaculture Design Courses PDC’s

Doug Crouch has facilitated over 40 PDC’s throughout the world since getting involved with Permaculture in 2005.  Teaching always went along with site development and having this experience in so many different climates and contexts is something Doug imparts to students. Below is a list of the countries that PDC’s or Permaculture courses were taught in:

  • United States: Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, Oregon
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Bulgaria
  • Slovakia
  • Argentina
  • Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica

8 Comments on “Courses

  1. Hello guys!!!!

    Are you still in Portugal??? That is pretty close to Madrid…if you are arround, you are welcome here anytime. Could be really nice to see any of you…or you all!!! Big big hug from Nicky and me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hola Tree Yo,
    congrats on your work and this blog.
    Please are there any permaculture introduction courses scheduled in South East Asia (or Oceania) soon? I am now in Indonesia and will be in this region until September or October.
    thanks for your help

  3. Hi,

    I just stumbled upon this forum and website for the first time…nice one!

    Regarding a PDC in SE Asia there is one coming up running 7-20 October at Tacomepai (check the link).

    Here is some info;

    Tacompai is run by an amazing man, Sandot who has been practising permaculture for 20 years and just recently discovered the term. His farm is an excellent example of truly ecological farming. Sandot is keeping much of the traditional knowledge alive while also intergrating and evolving. His knowledge will be shared throughout the course.

    The course will be run by Eileen Kaufman, has over 20 years experience in sustainable agriculture, organic farming and social enterprises. She has worked in the diverse climates and ecologies of New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, and the Philippines

    Her academic credentials include a Horticultural Science Degree specialising in environmental science and a Diploma in Biodynamic Agriculture and is an Australian qualified adult educator, with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment . With a wealth of teaching experience in diverse topics from biodynamic agriculture, organic gardening, chi gong to belly dancing.

    Co-taught by myself- Shelley McClure. I have just spent ten months, living, teaching, learning and helping to manage the Panya Project. I have spent the last 5 years working at various ecological farms and sites in Asia and Australia, including Auroville and CERES environment park, Melbourne.

    My strengths are in Renewable Energy Technology (Diploma) and Eco Ag (current degree). PDC – Geoff Lawton 2005

    I am also passionate about self development health and community structure, which will be explored during the course.

    …and William Eastlake – Masters Architecture and Environmental Design. Strengths like Sandot, Bamboo and Earthern building. PDC – John Champagne, 2010.
    Various projects in Australia, Palestine and India.


    All the best on your journey.

  4. 2011 PDC Calenda by email:

    Greetings from Ghana. We the Permaculture Teachers wish to attend your PDC from February and March, 2011 from the Institute of Tropical Agriculture(KITA), University Box 293, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana,,, +233-243-235017, +233-245-131 772,
    Contact: Dr. Noah Owusu-Takyi, Director.
    We accept volunteers worldwide since 1984. Email us.Visit Peaceful Africa!

    • Hello Dr. Noah Owusu Takyi, We do have spaces in our upcoming course but it might be easier to attend one of our summer courses. In the next couple of days we will be announcing our courses in Portugal and Bulgaria. This upcoming course in Cincinnati is a weekend course and so your time in America would be quite extended. So unless you already have people in the country I don’t think it is feasible at this point. But maybe we can work something out for future courses. Cheers

    • No not at all, we had a couple of people drop out so we have space. I will email you our registration form. Cheers

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