Shepard's post at Sekier, Slovakia

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Eastern Europe, Slovakia Aug-Sept 2017

August 20th – September 2nd: 2-Week PDC at Sekier, Zaježová, Slovakia TAKE THE JOURNEY OF SEEING WITH NEW EYES! Location: Sekier, Zaježová, Slovakia (facebook page:Ekokomunita Sekier, Zaježová), Broad-acre Historic Mountain Setting. Regenerative Agriculture. Permaculture Education and EVS Host Site Facilitators:…

sunken beds, Suryalila, Southern Spain 2016

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Europe: Spain, Feb-Mar 2017

This upcoming two week PDC, Permaculture Design Certification course, builds off of our success of extensive tree planting and earthworks that really commenced this fall. This winter time PDC allows us to do more of the same in the field backed up by the theory, interactive exercises, and unique design project that comprises a TreeYo Permaculture PDC. Gain environmental Literacy and begin to see the world with new eyes! Join the local revolution.


About the TreeYo PDC

Want to see with new eyes? Gain Environmental Literacy? Join an Inclusive community of Designers and practitioners of a design based system for planetary regeneration? The 72-Hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course is a journey that unlocks peoples connection with nature,…

TreeYo EDU


New TreeYo EDU Article: Earthworks Checklist

This TreeYo EDU article helps to build the context of Earthworks implementation as well as the design and project management of it. It covers my years of experience doing this regenerative technique, however only when the context has been built…


Season Extension: A Key to Temperate Living and Food Security

Here is the first article from my online book in the Temperate Chapter and its on season extension. It’s a particularly fun detail of living in the temperate zone as we need to use immense creativity and exact planning to…

our lovely gringo kimchi

Gringo Kimchi- An Asian/European Fusion of Sauerkraut | A Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Finally another release on the TreeYo EDU online reader. This time on one of our PDC topics, fermentation of cabbage and other veg to make a sauerkraut/ kimchi fusion. I call it gringo kimchi and this article details the process…

food forest

Weekend Food Forest Course: Treasure Lake, KY, USA, Oct. 2016

Grow food in layers, manage the forest holistically, that is what this food forest course coming up is about. I have taught this course back in Europe but i bring back to my beloved ecosystem and at Treasure Lake, my…

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Design and Implementation: Suryalila Yoga Retreat Center, Andalusia, Spain March and June 2016

Introduction to the Site In the foothills of the magical and mystical mountains of Grazalama, Andalusia, Spain, resides a retreat centre focused on Yoga and personal growth; Suryalila.  A second branch of their vision, complimentary to this, is the desire…

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Chinampas in Panama, a system of reflection during the course

Perma-Aquaculture at Quinta dos Sete Nomes, Sintra, Portugal, July 2016

July 22nd-24th : Weekend Perma-Aquaculture course with a focus on aquatic ecology and plant based aquaculture Aquaculture, 4-20 times more productive than land based systems, learn more about them at this course! Announcing a summer weekend aquaculture course at Quinta dos…

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