Moringa leaves PhotoBlog from Taino Organic Farm, Dominican Republic

Moringa (Moringa olifera) has made a sweeping movement across the island of Hispaniola through its recognizable market entrance and nutrition improvement crop for those who are subsisting.   The plant is super multi-functional, grows in tough climates including drought.  Bees abound in its fragrant flowers while the resulting beans inside it’s oddly shaped bean pods have a great cleansing effect when ground and added to dirty, pathogen ridden water.  This gives so many more people on planet earth water and food security.  After all its a super food that grows on a tree that you can cut again and again. Great permaculture all-star plant!!!!!!

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  2. I;m a Naturopathic medical doctor, leave in Azua and I have a small Moringa plantation, two acres, soon I will be selling all moringa plants parts, do you know any market in the island?, so far I’m getting some oil from wild seeds and making a couple of creams that my daughter sells in Orlando Fl. area, I need tons of information, could you please help me out?. I’m Jose A. Diaz and my phone # is 829-965-6055, email is :, thanks for your time.

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