Food Forests or Forest Gardens

Food Forests or Forest Gardens.

First entry into the trees chapter as we prepare for the food forest workshop at Terra Alta next weekend.  proud moment, so many hours, hope it helps you on the journey. Enjoy, i sure did, amazing how much you learn when you write.  The fun part of being an author of an online book.

Quick Summary

A biodiverse forest that is stacked in space and time thus abundantly yielding food and other outputs including building natural capital. Seven layers or so are developed to give yields early on in the system and all throughout its life as it matures. In essence, Vines drape on trees, herbs grow next to shrubs, and roots are dug when appropriate. Meanwhile vegetables are interspersedGuild sectionproducing quickly while groundcovers spread to protect. Support species are highly integrated to develop soils and push the succession forward quickly. Edge is always remembered with maximum production in this system being one where there is not a completely closed canopy. Nuclei developed early on in the system, such as a tree guild, merge over time to form a holistic ecosystem. Animal integration is warranted and evolves, as the system gets older. Prepatory earthworks and soil repair often accompanies the implementation phase. Chop and drop and cycling of the layers over time are the main management tool as well as plant propagation for biodiversity and the stability and resilience that that brings.

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