Honeycomb | A Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Honeycomb | A Permaculture Design Course Handbook.

Developing our pattern sense is a much needed step forward for human consciousness. Here to help is a patterns article release from my open source TreeYo EDU resource. The honeycomb is a delightful pattern in nature to witness and is used by humans bees, pollen, and mushrooms to name a few.



Pattern Philosophy

The golden rich hues infused with an intensely rich smell is matched only by the delights of eating stored sunlight from bees; in other words honey.  Nutritious and medicinal, the work of the bees is a true gift of humanity and should be utilized as a precious resource rather that a simple supermarket commodity.  Their work with patterns is inspirational, from how they build the hive to how they structure themselves.  Both are to learn from and the honey harvest and capture of swarms is a rewarding process.

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