Permaculture Design Course South Europe, Ibiza, Spain, September 2015

Permaculture Design Course South Europe, Ibiza, Spain, September 2015.

Announcing a very exciting opportunity to learn with TreeYo and former student now teacher George Christofis of Circle Permaculture in Ibiza in September. Busy times ahead of teaching, stoked to do so!

Casita Verde view, our wonderful host site

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Permaculture Design Course South Europe, Ibiza, Spain, September 2015

casita verde

September 15-29: 2-Week PDC with Circle Permaculture and TreeYo at Casita Verde, Ibiza Spain


Location: Casita Verde, Ibiza, Spain

circle Permaculture at Casita Verde
circle Permaculture at Casita Verde

Facilitators: George Christofis (Circle Permaculture), Chris Dews (Casita Verde), Doug Crouch (TreeYo Permaculture)
Language used: English (with help to translate unknown words whenever needed)
Course Fee:

  • €550, all food (veg), tent accommodation and classes;
  • €700, all food (veg), shared accommodation in the eco-buildings (limited) and classes.

Dates: September 15th – September 29th, 2015 (Day Before arrival and departure that midday or the next anytime)

****includes accommodation choices, indoor or outdoor,  and homemade with highly local foods focus****

Contact Info: For more registration please follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the page:

Circle Permaculture PDC in Ibiza

Please check out the following supportive media to understand more about the location and course:

Casita Verde on Yotube:

Past TreeYo Course in Spain: Click Here

More on the course itself and its facets look at these links and read more below:








THE COURSE: Format and Content

The course will be an 80-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course spread out over 14 days. This ample time allows students to digest the material, get hands-on experience and work thoroughly on the final design project and presentation. The course will be certified through TreeYo Permacultureas we are guided by Bill Mollison’s curriculum that comprises the 14 chapters of his book “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual”. Our schedule reflects this commitment and has a strong emphasis on how the design principles and process influence site develop and systems management while always acknowledging the people care side of it all. This course will help you gain confidence in setting up land based designs but also the inextricable link with creative integration of humans. We will cover the following topics throughout the course:

  • Ethics, Principles, and Methods of Permaculture Design
  • Pattern Understanding: Interpretation and Application
  • Climatic Factors: Broad Climatic Zones and Microclimate – Effects on Landscape and Design
  • Water: Harvesting, Conservation, Purification, and Revitalization
  • Trees and their Energy Transactions: SoilWaterTrees
  • Soils: Classification, Food Web, and Restoration
  • Aquaculture: Food Web, Aquatic Plants, Chinampas, Tyre Ponds, Water Quality Parameters
  • Animal Systems: Integrate worms, chickens, goats, and many other animals in your design
  • Strategies for Tropical, Dry-land, and Temperate Climates: Influences on Vegetation, Housing, and Earthworks
  • Introduction to Natural Building: Earth as a Building Material
  • Fermentation and Nutrition: Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Sourdough Bread and Pickles
  • Local Food Systems:  CSA-Community Supported Agriculture,  Cooperatives, Food-Coops
  • Social and Economic Permaculture: Bio-Regional Organisation, Living in Communities, Transition Towns and Local Resiliency


The course will end with the required student design projects that will utilize the landscape at Casita Verde, which will be immersed in daily observation from living on site. By using an actual physical site for the design projects, students will gain the experience of completing a full design from walking the land during the initial assessment to mapping and measuring to client interviews and final presentations.

A past student final design from a University PDC taught by Doug Crouch

The process behind the design project increases learner retention through immediate application and direct practice of learned skills while offering a means to evaluates students’ comprehension of the course.  Successful, effective, and certified Permaculture designers are accelerated in this course for a future of meaningful work and regenerative practices.

The final design project is also considered to be a direct hands-on project because students will be engaged in a process that will yield a viable design proposal and it is a design course after all. Our commitment to practicing the design principles throughout the course process itself reinforces the theory and lecture sessions. Concurrently, to bring the material alive the course is facilitated so that numerous learning styles are supported. We honor diversity as one of our teaching techniques is through design exercises that compliment the lecture material, demonstrates the design process, and adds to the fun atmosphere.

For more information about our past courses visit the following page: Previous TreeYo Courses.

casita verde


Another integral part of the course is the hands-on segment because it integrates the techniques directly to your body. Proposed hands-on segments for the course are:

  • Hot Compost Pile Making and turning throughout the course to address fertility maintenance
  • Small-scale Earthworks to address rainwater runoff issues and feed associated plantings. learning to work with the A-Frame.
  • Natural Building Project on a small scaleSample hands-on with turning the hot compost pile
  • Food Fermentation as a way to connect food production with culture with health and season extension (and we get to eat and drink them!!!!!!)
  • Final Design Project for immediate application and direct practice of learned skills


Casita Verde, a fantastic site for a permaculture design course – home to the Greenheart Ibiza movement, which boasts a 25 year history of ecological education on the island. Featuring numerous examples of eco-buildings, along with multiple examples of on-site energy generation, water storage and management, compost toilets and carob and aloe cultivation. A fabulous opportunity for students of permaculture to see a living, breathing centre for change. Chris Dews, founder of Greenheart Ibiza and Casita Verde, will be part of the teaching team for this course. The site is nestled in the countryside between the famous party town of San Antonio and the charming Ibiza town. Check out this video of the site:

At the site after years of development you can see the following examples:

  • Various natural buildings and techniques
  • Innovative Greywater
  • Appropriate tech elements to be advance towards being off the grid
  • Recycling and compost making
  • Cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs
  • Studies on healthy food preparation and consumption
  • Student education program
  • Leading Non profits in a tough environment for Sustainability including there Open Sundays program

How to get to Casita Verde, Ibiza, Spain? 
Click here.

The site offers space to pitch a tent, WC/shower and access to electricity. If  you prefer staying at the eco-buildings of Casita Verde let us know!


Doug CrouchTrained as both a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Doug has extensivedoug bio pic knowledge surrounding landscape planning and food production systems. This regenerative design and implementation work spans the globe ranging in contexts and climates including tropical agro-forestry, Mediterranean organic gardening, and temperate suburban edible landscaping. To facilitate this work he founded TreeYo Permaculture thus building off his other formal training in small business management. Incorporating this knowledge and experience into sustainability educational programming has now become Doug’s main focus as he continues his ecological design and holistic development in various ecosystems.

He holds a Diploma in Permaculture Education which demonstrates his commitment to crafting his creative facilitation style.TreeYo facilitation style and process. To view some of the presentation you can expect during the course via PowerPoint, please visit Doug’s slideshare account at the following:

and his online Permaculture Handbook, a work in progress but a useful aid to students before and after the course:

TreeYo EDU:

George Christofis: Circle Permaculture co- teacher (Former TreeYo Permaculture Student now teaching Internationally)

What attracted George to permaculture was it’s proactive approach to problem solving, and in the six George Christofis- Circle Permacultureyears since he was first handed a photocopied chapter of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture, A Designer’s Manual, he has attended, taught and/ or facilitated several permaculture courses in Europe and Asia. In 2013, he attended a permaculture teacher training with Rosemary Morrow. As a teacher, he exudes huge enthusiasm for everything permie related, and loves nothing more than sharing the practice of ‘protracted and thoughtful observation’.

He is the co-founder of an ongoing permaculture project in partnership with the children’s charity Odanadi in Mysore, India, supporting  survivors of human trafficking. As a teacher, George has seen graduates of PDC’s go on to do some pretty fantastic things, caring for the earth, other people and hopefully improving their own lives in the process too. The alternative, tried and tested permaculture approach to education works brilliantly, and he loves being a part of it.


Chris Dews – co-teacher at Casita Verde, Ibiza

Born in Yorkshire, England in 1953, Chris came to live in Ibiza after spending thirteen years travelling the world as a radio officer in the British Merchant Navy. He was one of the founding members and president of the local Friends of the Earth group in 1989. In 1993, he founded the Casita Verde model ecology centre, using a small rented house near San Jose. After trying unsuccessfully to establish a couple of different commercial Ecological Centres, including the ‘Eivissa Ecolandia’ pilot project during 2001, Chris decided to re-focus his attention on improving the facilities and potential of the Casita Verde. At the same time, and with the help of others, he began to develop the ‘Green Heart’ strategy plan, with the idea of including the whole island of Ibiza in a new and more global project.
During early 2003, Chris and Marc Osmo, our in-house graphic designer at the time, came up with the concept of making a ‘Greenheart Project Farm’, which would provide a platform for the development of ideas and projects of many people and which would be managed by a growing multi-national steering committee, under the umbrella of the not-for-profit organisation ‘Fundación por el Futuro’.
Chris presently represents the “Foundation for the Future” in Ibiza, is president of the study group “Ibiza Ecologic”, and director of the model ecological centre at Casita Verde.

What to bring?
– comfortable clothes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
– note taking (blank pages recommended) and drawing materials
– a tent and whatever makes you comfortable for a good sleep (for campers)
– flashlight/torch
-ecological body care products
-sturdy shoes
– a swimming suit for the day off at the beach
-musical instruments, if you have!

How to participate?

Step 1: Please fill out the registration form by clicking here
Step 2: Make a €100 deposit to reserve your space by clicking the Buy Now button below.
Step 3: Come and have a wonderful experience

Many Reasons to Come Join Us!

  • Come and be part of a community that is dedicated to green heart living!
  • The Confidence to be a Permaculture consultant and practitioner in the future is one of the most valuable qualities that students will develop during the course due to the numerous site applications, international staff, creative solution successes and varied micro-climates. The world needs YOU!
  • So please come join us in fun Ibiza for what is going to be a great community experience, an adventure and an awakening to the natural world around us that is ripe with possibilities for connection and interaction.
  • After all, it will be a fun learning experience sure to give a new perspective on everyday surroundings and bring inspired solutions to the table. Let Permaculture be the systematic approach to make change in the world and your local community alike. Learn to turn Problems into Solutions, to Work with Nature not Against, and how Everything…yes every THING…gardens!!!!!
  • casita Verde Earthen Home

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