Sunken Beds

This sunken beds EDU drop is another article filed with practical experience of implementing this earthworks strategy that often falls under the drylands context but i feel it goes beyond. Sunken beds are a great choice for growing which the designers manual acknowledges. Lots of pictures, my funny powerpoint drawings, and blogging about extended experience and observation. Enjoy, have you tried them yet?

Written by Doug Crouch

Earthworks are meant to create conditions conducive for growth and a beneficial interaction with water.  Although raised beds seem to be intertwined somehow with Permaculture…

Source: Sunken Beds

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  1. Hi Doug!

    I found this article really interesting. I’m also thinking of building some sunken beds. But, i have this major problem with escalrracho (i think its “torpedo grass” in english) and as i observe that it really thrives in wet zones, i’m wondering if i would be creating a “escalracho bed”. What do you think?
    Btw, any ideas no how to grow veggies along with this weed?


    • hey fred, sorry i missed this comment. What i would do, and we had a bit of this in some areas, maybe not the same one but a rhizominous grass, was really thickly mulch for a year including many layers of cardboard. i dont recommend digging sunken beds then trying to grow right away anyway but one place i worked insisted we do and indeed it turned into a rhizome grass nightmare because of the lack of sheet mulching.

      • I’m doing some trials in that direction, i have some small areas with a thick layer of grape vine and olive tree trimmings, no cardboard though, it seems a good idea. But escalracho perfurates even soft wood, i’ve seen some rhizomes inside grap vine sticks…

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