2018 First Course Announcements:

Permaganic Autheticated Course: February 10-18th, Treasure Lake, Kentucky, USA:

We are excited to introduce to you our 9 day Certifier Training for Permaganic Authenticated. This course is for people who have attained their Permaculture Design Certificate, which is the foundation of Permaganic Authenticated. Whether you are a practicing farmer or just looking to expand your economic opportunities within the field of Permaculture, this is a great opportunity to help further the field while earning a living and increasing the livelihood for Permaculture/Regenerative/Mutualistic based farmers.

Winter Weekend PDC: Four Weekends February and March, Tristate Area of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The course will be a weekend PDC spread out over four weekends   This format allows for extra time for students to digest the material during the week off making it a great format for a holistic learning experience.  Students will also receive hands-on experience and also ample work time on the final design project and presentation. The course will be a certified through TreeYo Permaculture as we are guided by Bill Mollison’s curriculum that comprises the 14 chapters of his book “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual”.

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