Treeyo Permaculture Holsitic Development Model: An angled Intro talk

December 20th at Fab Ferments Tap Room, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

This presentation will focus on looking at the world holistically and a path forward to ensure thrivable future conditions. It draws on the presenters extensive experience in ecological systems management and permaculture design. For 16 years Doug has been active in these movements across five continents. Although a local from Cincinnati, his journey has allowed him to come into contact with many a cultures and projects leading him to this development model proposal. It goes just beyond the environmental part; taking into account the built environment, social systems and financial systems.

Thus the talk will be both practical and a bit of a display of a portfolio but also include theoretical ideas yet to be manifested.

The talk will be held at the Fab Ferments Tap Room, an eclectic space held by the fermenting and local foods legends Jordan and Jenn. Their business is a display of parts of the holistic model giving even more context for the setting. The tap room is open from 4-7 and feel free to come early and get some komboucha before this free talk.



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