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We are progressing more and more with our educational website and are expanding into more educational outlets constantly. The site is a collation of Permaculture information reflecting the philosophies of many but framed by Bill Mollison and the Designers Manual. It also adds in info around four other main topics that our PDC’s bring in which is Natural Building, animal systems, appropriate technology, and food fermentation.  It’s an open source so feel free to comment, which will add content as a whole and embrace the collective genius of the Permaculture Community.  Essentially it is an online service to those who are seeking information about various aspects of Permaculture.

We really hope that you will leave comments or questions so that the collective genius of the Permaculture community can be realized.  Through this blog format, we can have an open dialogue and co-create so that future users can access not only the valuable information but also

Doug Crouch's Hands in the soil built from the years of hard work
Doug Crouch’s Hands in the soil built from the years of hard work

the design process itself.

Furthermore, this is an online reader for those who will be taking permaculture courses with us or other teachers.  We feel that it is a testament to the permaculture philosophy of being completely open-source with everything we do, Cooperation not Competition.  At the same time we also recognize the intellectual property involved and we wish to honor the system of Collective Commons.


If you are looking for info about our courses go to the following pages:

2019 Courses

About the TreeYo PDC

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  2. Great work, thanks! We’ve included this resource in the online Integral Permaculture Manual, a long-term project being compiled by a group of us in Europe (mainly Spain) since 2007, now in two languages. Have added your link in the english part of Module3 (EarthCare) bibliography, here Would be great to find ways to collaborate! Let us know (email in the web menu)

    • Thanks for the note, yeah our EDU project is coming along well with the collaboration of artists, graphic designers, and i have invited more guest writers. Thanks for including it as a resource. Mp3’s and mp4’s coming this summer. Big work to finish it but the final two years fo this 5 year project will be very rewarding. For sure we can collaborate!

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