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A Holistic Perspective on How the Fires in Portugal Came to be and Where we Go from Here

Written By Doug Crouch, Temporary Resident of Portugal While the blame for such a tragic wildfire is swirling intensely already, I first express my condolences to those who lost so much.  Life, property, livelihoods, tradition, memories, and so much more.  For the ecosystem its… Continue Reading “A Holistic Perspective on How the Fires in Portugal Came to be and Where we Go from Here”

TreeYo EDU new Article Release: State of the World

To conclude Chapter 1, finally, of my online book, TreeYo EDU, I give you the State of the World article. Fitting timing after yesterday. Its a part that every Permaculture Design Course has in it and i offer a patterned based approach to the… Continue Reading “TreeYo EDU new Article Release: State of the World”

TreeYo EDU article release from Patterns Chapter

Overbeck Jet, Von Karman Trail, Eckman Spirals Getting one step closer to finishing the patterns chapter with this article for TreeYo EDU online PDC handbook. Its a short one but some pivotal patterns to understand and apply. Excerpt from opening line: As patterns build… Continue Reading “TreeYo EDU article release from Patterns Chapter”

New TreeYo EDU Article: Earthworks Checklist

This TreeYo EDU article helps to build the context of Earthworks implementation as well as the design and project management of it. It covers my years of experience doing this regenerative technique, however only when the context has been built correctly and the resources… Continue Reading “New TreeYo EDU Article: Earthworks Checklist”

Season Extension: A Key to Temperate Living and Food Security

Here is the first article from my online book in the Temperate Chapter and its on season extension. It’s a particularly fun detail of living in the temperate zone as we need to use immense creativity and exact planning to really push the sustainability… Continue Reading “Season Extension: A Key to Temperate Living and Food Security”

Gringo Kimchi- An Asian/European Fusion of Sauerkraut | A Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Finally another release on the TreeYo EDU online reader. This time on one of our PDC topics, fermentation of cabbage and other veg to make a sauerkraut/ kimchi fusion. I call it gringo kimchi and this article details the process of making and maintaining.… Continue Reading “Gringo Kimchi- An Asian/European Fusion of Sauerkraut | A Permaculture Design Course Handbook”


Took a TreeYo to pull this article off, with guest writer and long time collaborator of TreeYo, Karsten Hinrichs laying down the pattern on vermicomposting. Covers the food web present, setup and management, and different systems with a focus on the Continuous Flow Through approach. Source:… Continue Reading “Vermi-composting”

Animal Rotation and Tractoring

Source: Animal Rotation and Tractoring I hope this article on pattern based application usage of animals can help dispel some of the reasons why there is the divide between those who eat or don’t eat animals. Yet i suppose divide and conquer is what… Continue Reading “Animal Rotation and Tractoring”

Alley Cropping and Silvopasture

Source: Alley Cropping and Silvopasture I really like these lines from my latest EDU article from the tree chapter on Alley Cropping and Silvopasture. Alley cropping is essentially bringing edge to a landscape to break the monotony of monoculture. By developing rows of trees… Continue Reading “Alley Cropping and Silvopasture”

Sunken Beds

This sunken beds EDU drop is another article filed with practical experience of implementing this earthworks strategy that often falls under the drylands context but i feel it goes beyond. Sunken beds are a great choice for growing which the designers manual acknowledges. Lots… Continue Reading “Sunken Beds”