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Source: Terraces In depth article from TreeYo EDU PDC handbook on the varying contexts and scales of land terracing. From a look to the past to modern day application this article hopefully inspires people to go and do this piece of regenerative land management.… Continue Reading “Terraces”

Tropical Housing

After taking a break on writing due to consulting in Iberia, here is the next article in the tropics TreeYo EDU resource. Tropical housing always seem to be a big issue when i travel there so i hope this article can support on making… Continue Reading “Tropical Housing”

A How-To on Tree Planting: Before, During, and After

Source: A How-To on Tree Planting: Before, During, and After In lieu of the upcoming food forest workshop in Portugal, I publish this in depth How To on tree planting. It goes through before, during and after to give a holistic perspective. Give the… Continue Reading “A How-To on Tree Planting: Before, During, and After”

Cottage Industries Part 3

Source: Cottage Industries Part 3 Last in the series of Tropical cottage industries TreeYo EDU articles. So much diversity in the tropics with plants but also ways to increase the value/time relationship of life. Many of the can be carried over into other climates… Continue Reading “Cottage Industries Part 3”

Drylands Corridor Planting

Source: Drylands Corridor Planting Drylands Corridor Planting article from TreeYo EDU covering breaking from traditional zone thinking when applicable and plant stream side. The article covers examples and an animation to help visualize. Enjoy the first article in this chapter and the great header… Continue Reading “Drylands Corridor Planting”


Source: Chinampas From reading about Chinampas, to seeing a grand example, to implementing with high school students, I love this topic of edge meeting patterns to create abundance. Have seen quite a few sites since that could use this digging and mounding technique of… Continue Reading “Chinampas”

Compost Teas and Extracts

Source: Compost Teas and Extracts Check out this article on one of the most revolutionary techniques for going organic, maintaining soil fertility and even fighting plant disease. A real soil solution! Accelerate succession and evolution and abundance follows. Demystifying compost tea and extract.


Source: Vortex Conclusion sentence from the latest EDU article in the patterns chapter. “The vortex is but one pattern in nature and the fractal of other patterns on top of it to leverage it is where human ingenuity needs to go to solve our… Continue Reading “Vortex”


Source: Spirals Another patterns article from the EDU project, really fun one on spirals. Reciprocal roofs and of course herb spirals are part of the application section of the article. Quote from the article: Its proportion to the golden ratio Phi is quite obvious… Continue Reading “Spirals”

Non Timber Forest Products 5: Fruits and Nuts and Saps and Resins

Source: Non Timber Forest Products 5: Fruits and Nuts and Saps and Resins The last of the five part series on non timber forest products with this one focusing on my main focus of managing for fruit and nuts these days back in Kentucky.… Continue Reading “Non Timber Forest Products 5: Fruits and Nuts and Saps and Resins”