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TreeYo Permaculture is a diverse landscape , one that has evolved and created changed over the years as ecosystems do in these times of fluctuation.  The focus of this organization is planetary systems regeneration with its cascading affects into equitable social systems and thriving local economies.  We specialize in both broad acre and small scale intensive designs and consulting that leads to implementation work.  Our focus is on giving people back environmental literacy through holistic education.  Through this on the ground work in varying scaled projects and courses globally, the networks spread, like mycelium in a forest, popping up here and there when conditions are ripe to spread.  Patterns inspire us, a passion burns for lighting a spark for others towards biodiversity and we aim to give resilience to a diversity of systems in varying contexts.


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 TreeYo Field Work

TreeYo Permaculture forms teams for these varying objectives, from project implementation to organic farm management, and is led by Doug Crouch, internationally recognized permaculture teacher and ecologist. Our collaborative work is guided by the ethics of Permaculture while our design focus stems from the regenerative principles of Permaculture. We not only focus on land-based design but also the people care aspect thus unifying the community of nature and humanity alike with sound economic consequences.


TreeYo Holistic Education

Our focus within Permaculture facilitation is the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) which we passionately craft for a holistic experience as well as short courses on specific topics.  Through this interconnecting pattern perspective, our PDC’s reflect the honoring of diversity of Permaculture.  Consequently, to learn more about this style, please check out the linking pages and the videos under our TreeYo PDC page to understand the full realm of what our PDC’s have to offer.  Also, to keep current on our latest happenings, please read our blog and tune into our open source TreeYo EDU project. And for a bit of ambiance of our courses, view the following video below:


Upcoming 2016 Courses and Events:

  • More info coming soon on PDC’s and other advanced courses!
  • Why_PC_TreeYo_12_8_13

For registration or more information about our courses, questions about permaculture, or our consultation and design services, please contact Doug through the following form:

Doug Crouch leading PDC design project

Doug Crouch leading PDC design project

Our Permaculture Definition

Permaculture is the harmonious integration of all life kingdoms into agriculturally productive ecosystems and socially just environments producing sound economic outcomes through systems management. It is a regenerative design intention reflecting patterns in nature that seeks to build interconnections allowing for energy efficiency and abundance of yield.


4 Comments on “TreeYo Home

  1. Build your garden, grow your compassion, and share your bounty with all of the people that you love.
    If you are like me, you’ve probably heard this term,
    Permaculture, thrown around for a while now, but do you really know what it is.
    Permaculture is planting natural foods in land that is maintained without chemicals and machines,
    animals grazing that land naturally and cycling natural resources
    back into earth to create sustainable environments.

    • Beautiful!
      That’s my way of thinking and living for allmost three years now.

  2. This is rapidly becoming my favorite Permaculture site. I appreciate your approach, the way you describe/explain. I would like to learn from you and collaborate some day. I have just begun my new life – with new eyes…..(SEEing solutions everywhere…..) an open heart, and HOPE. Thank YOU Permaculture :)

    Thank you Doug/ TreeYo for providing such wonderful and rich information. Your site covers so much. I aspire to be like ya’ll.

    Peace and Permaculture ~ Torrie

    • Thanks so much for the great feedback Torrie, I am glad you see it as beneficial. Enjoy as they are released. Ciao

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