Doug Crouch putting final touches on the cob oven at Treasure Lake

TreeYo Home

TreeYo Permaculture: Creative Human Interaction with Nature.Treeyo small

TreeYo Permaculture is a guild of designers and earth stewards focused on planetary and social system regeneration.   Our guild, like the permaculture concept, encourages symbiosis through diversity as we cross cultural barriers and highlight each one of our talents.  From art to landscape design, from music to eco-forestry, our guild thrives through educating others in multitude of ways and implementing on the ground resilient landscapes and communities. We love to build with mud between our toes, grow food with sweat dripping from our brow, and be inspired by he patterns and abundance of nature.  


TreeYo’s Focus: Ecological Design and sustainability education

TreeYo Permaculture forms teams for these varying objectives, from project implementation to organic farm management, and is led by Doug Crouch, internationally recognized permaculture teacher and ecologist. Our collaborative work is guided by the ethics of Permaculture while our design focus stems from the regenerative principles of Permaculture, and is inspired by the patterns of Nature. We focus not only on land based design but also the people care side unifying the community of nature and humanity alike.


We passionately craft our way of facilitating courses with our focus being on the PDC.  Please check out the linking pages and the videos there under our TreeYo PDC to understand the full realm of what our PDC’s have to offer.  Also, to keep current on our latest happenings, please read our blog. And for a bit of ambiance of our courses, view the following video below:


Upcoming 2014 Courses and Events:

For registration or more information about our courses, questions about permaculture, or our consultation and design services, please contact Doug through the following form:

Sheet Mulching Raised Beds: Terra Alta/ Escola da Terra PDC: 2011 Hands-on Project

Our Permaculture Definition

treeyokailaPermaculture is the harmonious integration of all life kingdoms into agriculturally productive ecosystems and socially just environments producing sound economic outcomes through systems management. It is a regenerative design intention reflecting patterns in nature that seeks to build interconnections allowing for energy efficiency and abundance of yield.

One Comment on “TreeYo Home

  1. Build your garden, grow your compassion, and share your bounty with all of the people that you love.
    If you are like me, you’ve probably heard this term,
    Permaculture, thrown around for a while now, but do you really know what it is.
    Permaculture is planting natural foods in land that is maintained without chemicals and machines,
    animals grazing that land naturally and cycling natural resources
    back into earth to create sustainable environments.

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