Thermophilic Composting Hot | A Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Thermophilic Composting Hot | A Permaculture Design Course Handbook.

An excerpt from our EDU article:

Basic Pattern Process:

Materials are gathered and a pile is heaped together in layers in one or two days to achieve the ideal size and hot compost conditions. Ratios of materials are used to

Hot Compost Pile at Maharishi University of Management, UNI PDC, Iowa, USA 2011

formulate a pile that will heat up and produce a quality compost aimed at improving soil fertility and seeding thewhole soil food web. The pile is monitored for moisture content, temperature and overall quality throughout the duration of the pile. When needed the pile is turned, or often called flipped, to decrease temperature and increase oxygen content. The pile goes through a hot process then turns to cold compost, which is aided further by compost worms. The compost is used in a myriad of ways in the garden, nursery, or broad acre applications through a liquidification process.

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