Suryalila Quick Exit Update

Thanks again for the great times and all the work we accomplished at Suryalila Retreat Centre over the last twelve days IN SOUTHERN SPAIN. It was much more about planning, design, and not just the land based stuff but also social/ legal/ financial big picture. But we did do an epic move in the garden during a karma yoga session on sunken bed terraces. jacob and neil have been finishing it off with some raised beds to compliment preparing the fall planting. And soon the rains hit and we spread back to the plans of LETS PLANT SOME TREESYO!

upcoming courses there

  • 10 Day Advanced Permaculture CourseEarthworks and Food Forests: December 11th- 20th. Suryalila Retreat Center, Andalusia, Spain: Click Here.
  • 2 Week Permaculture Design Course: Feb 26th- March 10th, 2017. Suryalila Retreat Center, Andalusia, Spain: Click Here.

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